We are HERA

We are relentless creative thinkers who step outside the square to deliver inspiring structural engineering solutions. We know smart design touches many lives, helping to build thriving communities and a safe, sustainable future. That’s why our high-performance team never settles for easy answers, using bold and ambitious thinking to raise the bar in engineering excellence. No matter how deep the complexity, we solve problems with good judgement, ingenuity and innovation, delivering cutting-edge sustainability and unheralded cost-efficiency to every project we work on.

This is how we work

At Hera, we make the impossible possible through engineering mastery and unyielding curiosity. We’ve built a team of high-impact superstars, who approach engineering with innovation, courage, passion, selflessness, honesty and wisdom. But we don’t work alone. We know the best results come from tight-knit teamwork and productive partnerships. When you work with Hera, expect strong, respectful collaborations and seamless coordination between our team and yours. We build trust and positive relationships with developers, architects and builders, joining forces to develop and deliver the most efficient and forward-thinking design solutions.

This is what drives us

We’re driven by a desire to positively shape the future. To use lateral thinking and emerging technologies to design structures that are not only kind to the earth but anticipate new ways of living. To step up as conscious engineers, who tackle environmental and social challenges with a genuine passion and commitment. We’re also driven to do things differently in our service and our culture, abhorring apathy and the prioritisation of profit over innovation and excellence. Here, we encourage and reward visionaries who doggedly seek smart, creative and sustainable engineering solutions.