Working at HERA

Our people are at the heart of what we do. We’re always keen to meet confident, outside-the-box thinkers with a passion for creative engineering. At Hera, you’ll find a culture that is unique. We don’t do jerks, no matter how clever they may be; the cost to our team is too high. We don’t measure people by how many hours they spend at their desk, either. In fact, we encourage a healthy, balanced lifestyle, with efficiency achieved in working hours. We only work with high-performance stars who can get the work done quickly and well under the pressure of a looming deadline.

What we seek

We seek people who show judgement, who can make wise decisions in the face of ambiguity. We seek those who communicate clearly and demonstrate curiosity in their work. We seek engineers prepared to make an impact, ready to accomplish important work and top results. Innovation is must; we want people with fresh ideas, lateral thinking and the ability reconceptualise to find practical solutions to difficult problems. Honesty, courage and passion are mandatory; we value your thirst for excellence as much as your ability to admit mistakes. Finally, we seek selflessness, because success is built on team players.

What we offer

We offer a culture of opportunity, with no glass ceiling. Here, you can build a long and illustrious career in engineering, with the chance to work on some of Australia’s most progressive and transformative buildings. We hand out payrises as they are earned, so expect one anytime. We increase employee freedom as we grow, knowing full well that responsible people thrive with freedom and that it’s the best way to nurture those at the top of their game. At Hera, we believe in context over control. You’ll be empowered to make and back your own decisions, guided by clear objectives and metrics, and the insight and supportive of a strong leadership team. Show your value at Hera and you will skyrocket.


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