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  1. Busselton Administration Centre has been awarded the Terry Treanor!

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    The Busselton Administration Centre has been awarded the Terry Treanor Award for the best example of innovation in the manufacture or use of precast prestressed hollow core.

    Hera Engineering was engaged during the tender stage to perform a value engineering assessment on this project. The design initiatives introduced by our team helped expedite and improve the project in a collection of ways, including:

    – Preliminary erection engineering analysis and planning
    – Simplified the construction process by reducing the site workforce
    – Reduced number of piles to be used in the project which has been a great advantage due to poor site soil conditions.
    – Removal of several internal columns which created open space plan which resulted in greater long term flexibility for the client!


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    Hera Engineering comprises of a passionate team that is committed to delivering sustainable designs with conscious parameters of ecological limits and the ever-changing sustainability requirements.

    Through exploration and collaboration, the team at Hera manufacture projects as indivisible components of a larger, constantly regenerating, and self-sustaining system.

    Our Sustainability Policy has been created within Hera Engineering to support the staff in continuing their on-going commitment for the pursuit of sustainable designs and practices.


    I. Minimise material usage through intelligent design

    II. Monitor concrete volumes and reinforcement rates through the entire project life cycle

    III. Implement Quality Assurance procedures to monitor material usage and ensure consistency with estimates

    IV. Conduct Management Reviews of the type and quantity of materials specified

    V. Maintain a predominantly paperless office, with printed paper reserved for Quality Assurance integrity checks

    VI. Specify only high-quality construction materials, and reuse materials wherever possible

    One great example of Hera’s active stance on sustainability is on the project: The One in Brisbane which is an 82 storey and 274m structure. We valued our contribution to the environment by being specifically conscious of the amount on concrete used and how our post-tension design would impact the ecology.
    These are not elements that are often measured or taken into consideration, our drastic reduction of concrete (approximately 30% less concrete reinforcement compared to similar buildings) offered a major permanent reduction in the building’s carbon footprint!

  3. 2022 Engineers Australia Excellence Awards WA Finalist

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    Our Managing Director, Matteo Tirapelle, was honoured to have achieved the WA Finalist award from Engineers Australia Excellence Awards in Sydney.

    “Tonight I have the honor to attend to the Engineers Australia Excellence Awards gala dinner in Sydney. I have arrived in Sydney yesterday and have been enjoying visiting this incredible city which great heritage and beautiful buildings.

    I will represent Western Australia in the final for the national award. It has been extremely overwhelming to have won WA Professional Engineer of the year and tonight I wish all the other candidate the very best and may the best win.

    When I arrived in Australia 16 years ago I would never thought to achieve these type of goals, however it is a demonstration that Australia is the land of opportunity and with vision you can get very far. Think differently and challenge yourself to drive change provide very exciting opportunities. This is what drive me every day at work.

    Thank you to my incredible team at Hera Engineering for the passion that they demonstrate every and for the culture to push the boundary and challenge the status quo that we have all embraced.

    In 7 years we have achieve together some pretty incredible milestones and we have delivered much more sustainable structures by permanently reducing the embodied carbons of major buildings by reducing material through innovation and clever design.

    I look forward to the gala dinner tonight and enjoy this unique life experience” – Matteo Tirapelle