Giorgio Marinelli


  • Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)


  • High-rise slender towers – Finite Element Analysis
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete structures
  • Composite floor design
  • Footfall vibration analysis
  • Top-down construction
  • Temporary works
  • Heavy lift
  • CFD analysis for wind simulation – super tall and slender towers
  • Concrete high-rise buildings
  • Steel high-rise buildings
  • Precast buildings
  • Structural fire engineering
  • Crane design

About Giorgio Marinelli

Giorgio Marinelli, Structural Technical Manager

Giorgio’s background as an industrial engineer with extensive civil/structural experience is a great asset to Hera, providing an extremely broad capability and ability to think outside-the-box and deliver innovative solutions.

Giorgio specialises in structural analysis, designing steel structures for construction equipment, heavy lift and temporary works analysis and design. He has further extended his expertise to concrete structures and high-rise building design, with particular focus on analysis and design of slender buildings.

After working in the manufacturing and machinery industry in Italy, Giorgio moved to Australia in search of new challenges. He was employed for a number of years by a construction equipment and crane company in Perth where he developed his design skills and knowledge of Australian Standards, as well as strengthened his problem-solving skills and understanding of steel structures and heavy lift design.

Giorgio has been part of the Hera Engineering team from day one, where he is now the Technical Leader as well as Project Leader. He offers exceptional technical ability, expertise on high-end structural analysis and design techniques, and a focus on innovation in research and development. Giorgio’s experience and skillset are also invaluable in guiding and offering insight to graduates.