Perth Sage Hotel - Hera Engineering
Perth Sage Hotel - Hera Engineering

Perth Sage Hotel

Hera Engineering provided construction engineering support services for this luxury hotel located in West Perth. One of the architectural visions was to cantilever part of the structure more than two metres over an existing heritage building. Conventional formwork and propping system could not be adopted due to the large loads and construction tolerances.

Further complicating the scenario was the fact that Hera was provided only 4 weeks for design prior to commencement of work on site. To the builder, the risk of delays on site was unacceptable.

Our expert construction team quickly assessed the problem, liaised with all parties and established the best structural outcome for this area. The final solution, which met all the stringent structural criteria and the short program, was to introduce a series of steel outriggers connected to the existing structure. The magnitudes of the forces in the connections were so immense that custom details with specialised design had to be created. We provided our client with full 3D models of the structural steel, full connection design and coordination with the precast supplier.

In addition, the Hera Engineering also assisted with various other structural components on the project, including:

  • Full core and shear wall jump form design
  • Lifting design
  • Crane construction services

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Project Completion: 2016
Number of Stories: 13
Building Height: 45m
Market: Hotel
Service: Construction Engineering

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