Construction Engineering

Construction Engineering

Our mission is to integrate practical construction engineering with innovative design. Our structures are designed with constructability at the forefront of our mind. We specialise in providing simple, high-quality temporary works solutions. Our experienced team of engineers are results-driven, providing cost-effective outcomes while maintaining a simple and straightforward approach to the most challenging projects.

At Hera we specialise in developing custom software to boost speed and quality, resulting in design excellence and efficiencies. We are a leader in using technology in our design process, so you can expect that our analysis methods are highly evolved, advanced, and always based on the latest research and software.


  • Construction advice and project delivery strategy
  • Top down design and sequencing
  • Erection and stability Engineering
  • Construction methodology development
  • Temporary works planning and design
  • Building strengthening and propping advice
  • Remedial works advice
  • Shoring Design
  • Temporary stability analysis
  • Review of construction loads
  • Demolition sequence specifications
  • Cofferdam struts and waling design
  • Slip form design

Cranes and Hoists Design

  • Lift Studies
  • Standard and piled crane base design
  • Crane collars and ties
  • Crane adapters for different boom sections
  • Crane load assessment
  • Certification of imported cranes compliance with Australian Standards
  • Worksafe applications