Facade Engineering

Facade Engineering

The building envelope is an increasingly important element in modern building design, with artistic visions becoming bolder and sustainability concerns becoming more demanding. A reliable Façade Engineer is crucial in bringing the architect’s vision to life and meeting the industry standards of environmental and structural performance.

With rapidly-evolving cladding materials and techniques the current market demands more complex façade systems that require the attention of a capable engineering team to achieve the architectural vision whilst maintaining a cost-effective solution.

Our façade engineers work in close collaboration with other members of the project team to develop high-performance yet practical solutions. Our process blends structural engineering, building physics and advanced modelling skills for efficient facade design and detailing.

Hera Engineering welcome the opportunity to be involved in the development phase to afford our Clients greater scope to customize façade designs achieving the desired visual statement whilst remaining cost-effective.


  • Façade concept
  • Connections detailing
  • Curtain Walls design
  • Façade design for extreme wind and seismic events
  • Façade specifications
  • Glass design
  • Mullion and transom design
  • Temporary works