We Want to Build a Sustainable Future

As conscious engineers, we know the decisions we make will define the world for the next generation. We are well aware that if the world continues to build without change, global temperatures will rise and cause irreversible damage to the planet. We care deeply about contributing to the world responsibly and are committed to tackling emissions and promoting sustainable design. This is why, at Hera, we lead the pack in research, sustainable developments and innovative alternatives. We are always thinking green and will continue to explore green options going forward. In WA’s concrete-based industry, we consistently advocate more eco-friendly materials like timber, which has half the emissions of steel and concrete. We select our projects carefully, working on complex projects that can deliver progression and change. We’re proud to be constructing the first 12-storey timber building in WA. As engineers, it’s our goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the impact of climate change through sustainable design. We will continue assess all our projects in accordance with these goals, as well as incorporate it into our office culture.