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Hill River Crossing

Hera Engineering was engaged to undertake full pricing design of a proposed pedestrian crossing at the remote Hill River. Hera was engaged to undertake schematic design for the bridge and foundations, and to liaise with potential contractors to determine the potential transport and installation methods possible at the remote location.

The primary consideration for this project was the critical transport and installation requirements, with the crossing not accessible by sealed roads and crossing a waterway which did not allow access internal to the span. The remote nature of the site meant that one side of the bridge was accessible to heavy machinery and transport/installation of the bridge would require extensive clearing and civil works to be carried out.

A precast concrete girder (T-Roff) -bridge was selected due to the relatively low cost and maintenance requirement in the near coastal environment. Hera Engineering consulted extensively with primary contractors, suppliers, transport companies and crane operators to ensure that the logistics of transporting and installing a precast bridge at this remote location was feasible.

Hera also consulted with the relevant Statutory Authority to determine the critical ultimate case water level, determined the required bridge and foundation levels and slopes to ensure no impact on the waterway, and designed the support abutments to suit.

Hera also consulted with the relevant Statutory Authority to determine set-out of the foundation and bridge deck required to ensure there was no negative impact on the hydraulic flows within the waterway. Further, the support abutments were designed for these given conditions.

Location: Jurien Bay, WA

Market: Bridges

Service: Structural Engineering

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