Woolworths, Clarkson - Hera Engineering
Woolworths, Clarkson - Hera Engineering
Woolworths, Clarkson - Hera Engineering

Woolworths, Clarkson

The new Woolworths in Clarkson currently under construction is a great example of sustainability. The initial idea was to demolish the existing Bunnings and to reconstruct a new shopping centre. The client already had a DA approved for this scheme. This all changed when Hera Engineering stepped into the picture. Hera Engineering proposed to utilise the existing structure. We did an initial assessment, and we manage to verify the structural integrity of the system and challenge the client to maintain the existing structure rather the a full demolition.

This is an example of how Hera Engineering create value for our clients. We are not a “yes” company, we always challenge decisions and the status quo to ensure that we provide the best solution for the project, client and the environment.

The revised scheme managed to reutilize the existing structure with new additions to expand the internal area and to create a modern vibrant shopping centre. This innovative approach is a great example of Hera’s stance on sustainability in adapting an existing structure to a new built form. This has resulted in less traffic disruption as well as accelerating construction by avoiding full demolition which is a great result for the community and the environment. The new building has one third of the embedded carbon compare to a new structure thanks to the full re-use of the existing steelwork.

By adapting to the new process, we were able to offer the client a massive reduction in carbon emission by avoiding demolishing, reconstruction, and operating with the remaining steelworks. Amazingly/ Hera managed to reclaim all existing materials into a long-lasting construction.

Developer: Woolworths Supermarkets
Architect: Brown Falconer
Builder: Perkins Builders

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