Yagan Square - Hera Engineering
Yagan Square - Hera Engineering
Yagan Square - Hera Engineering

Yagan Square

Hera Engineering is extremely proud to be involved with the creation of this major public space as part of the Perth ‘City Link’ Project. More than just a transit area for public, Yagan Square will be a place to have fun, meet, play and spend time with friends and family. We are proud to support the community with our involvement in this iconic project.

We have assisted the builder (DORIC) with the high-end temporary work design for the two new basements. The basements are located immediately above the PTA railway tunnels, which means extremely strict tolerances in regards to wall displacement and surcharges. We used state-of-the-art 3D modelling software to analyse the complex interaction between the soil and the basement structure. The analysis produced results that allowed Hera Engineering to confidently and accurately predict settlements and mitigate any risks of damage to the existing tunnels.

Installation methodology for post removal of temporary works was also complex due to the construction sequence. With our extensive experience with the top-down construction methodology we were well-placed to advise on connections and sequencing to allow for easy removal of temporary structures after basement completion.

Hera also provided full crane design which was particularly complex due to the large surcharge that the crane was imposing to the tunnel in its original position. Our solution reconfigured the crane support structure to bypass the surcharge loads from the tunnel which satisfied the safety demands of both our Client and the PTA.

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Project Completion: 2016
Number of Stories: –
Building Height: –
Market: Public Space
Service: Construction Engineering

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