Cirque Apartments Score 20 Storey Approval

After being appointed for the design and documentation of Cirque apartments Stage 1, Hera Engineering has assisted MJA Studio to successfully attain approval for 20 storeys on this complex and exciting project.
With a maximum height limit in this precinct of 15 storeys – but with the proviso of 20 storeys if architectural excellence is achieved – Hera worked closely with designer MJA Studio during the DA phase to create a unique structural system to help this residential tower achieve its 20 storeys.
Highlight features of this system include corner balconies 230mm thick cantilevering 4.8m, an entire structure to cantilever 4m past over the pool area and absence of transfer beams.
The structure was fully structurally resolved prior to DA, saving developer Stirling Capital significant costs.
“At Hera, we are not passive structural designers – we want to be part of the creative process to ensure that the structural system is maximised, and contribute to the overall aesthetic of the building,” says Hera Engineering Director Matteo Tirapelle. “We are proud to have helped shape the form of this iconic structure and look forward to its completion.”