First concrete cast at “The One”

This is one of the most iconic projects that Hera Engineering has dedicated itself to. At last, after 3 months of intensive design, operational planning and site mobilization, Multiplex has completed its first concrete pour at “The One”, an 82-storey residential building 274 meters high, soon to be the tallest structure in the city to dominate Brisbane’s new panorama.

It is a colossus that will become an architectural reference point and we are really proud to have won this project with Multiplex, focusing as always on one of our strengths: Value Engineering. We have provided a complete structural redesign that has resulted in saving over 10 million dollars. 

Hera Engineering’s alternative solution for the lateral stability has proved to be innovative and extremely fast to construct, obtaining implementation over a surprising  4 day cycle to build each floor. We can’t wait to see this incredible architectural tower grow floor by floor, until it reaches its completion.