Lakelands Train Station – Major progress during 56hour rail shutdown

This weekend at the Lakelands Train Station site we had a 56 hour rail shutdown to facilitate the lift of the modularised concourse bridge and western and eastern lift shaft. Hera Engineering¬†worked hand in hand with ADCO Constructions, PTA and Contractor’s on-site over this weekend to install and pour the reinforced, post-tensioned concrete bridge and suspended decks on the western and eastern side.

This neat solution consisted of suspending a thin concrete slab from the underside of the steel truss, providing a permanent formwork for the works to progress safely. Simultaneously the overhead line has been reconnected to the concrete deck with trains back operational this morning.

Congratulations to the huge effort by all, this weekend was a great success with the completion of a huge milestone for the project team. We are proud that these works could be completed safely and in a timely manner without causing significant disruption to the existing network!

Developer: Metronet Perth
Builder: ADCO Constructions
Architect: DesignInc WA