Leadlight Hotel Receives Approval

Excellent news this week with the Leadlight hotel receiving development approval by the MRA.
Hera Engineering congratulates Chaney Architecture on gaining approval for a 12 storey building where the maximum allowable height is three storey. This height limit is due to the fact that the buildings are above the Graham Farmer Freeway tunnel, which has a maximum surcharge limit on top, allowing the construction of three storey structures only.
The developer approached Hera to discuss the potential to go high-rise on the site and, thanks to Hera Engineering’s ingenuity, 12 storeys was able to be achieved.
“We suggested adopting a lightweight mass timber construction on top,” Hera Engineering Director Matteo Tirapelle explains. “Timber weighs much less than concrete, hence the extra height was able to be achieved.
“Many developers didn’t consider this site because of the tunnel constraints. But when you work with Hera Engineering, you can be assured that we will find the right solution for your project.”
Additionally, Matteo says the approval of this high-rise mass timber project in Perth is a colossal step forward toward more sustainable construction for Perth.