More Value Engineering for the Ritz Carlton

Hera Engineering has been appointed by Keller Foundation to complete the detailed design of the plunge columns for the pile foundations of the iconic Ritz Carlton. The team will be working with the Principal Project Engineer to coordinate the interaction between the piles and the superstructure.
Hera scored the coveted appointment by demonstrating value engineering on the top down construction on the three-storey basement at 500 Hay Street, where total tonnage of steel was reduced by approximately 30 percent and the construction methodology significantly simplified.
Hera Engineering Director Matteo Tirapelle says Hera’s reputation for consistently offering high level value engineering in the industry is quickly growing.

“This is another example of us providing various value engineering options to our client to reduce the cost of installation, whilst achieving the same load carrying capacity,” Matteo says. “This is a highly specialised structural design requiring extreme precision in calculation and deep understanding of tolerance to ensure that the installation is a success.”