New Escalators for the Perth Underground Train Station

Hera Engineering has been appointed by Georgiou Construction to provide a full model of the Perth Underground Station Box in a finite element environment.
Hera’s critical initial role was to assess if the existing structure could manage the weight of proposed new escalators.
After a detailed study, Hera determined that all proposed alterations to house the new escalators would not reduce the structural capacity of the station box and no strengthening works were required. The incumbent engineer had specified extensive and cost prohibitive strengthening works, which were found to be unnecessary. Hera’s report was peer reviewed and accepted by Aurecon.
Hera Engineering Director Matteo Tirapelle says Hera’s findings were crucial in ensuring the project remained on budget.

“We’ve now been appointed to follow on with the detailed documentation and construction engineering required,” he says. “Our job now is to ensure the construction work will in no way compromise the functionality of the station box.”