Precast Verdant Apartments Start Construction

Construction of Verdant Apartments has officially begun!
Continuing Hera Engineering’s growing relationship with Stirling Capital, and following on from the resounding success of the structural scheme proposed for the student accommodation project and Hera’s extensive local experience delivering hollow core projects with BGC Construction and BGC Precast, Hera was consulted to convert the floor system from post tensioned to hollow core and bubbledeck.
This project is entirely precast including the various cores, presenting a number of challenges that Hera’s experienced technical team needed to carefully consider.
Hera Engineering Director Matteo Tirapelle would like to congratulate Stirling Capital on having another residential project under construction in a difficult market.

“It’s a testament to the smart way in which Stirling consistently operates, including appointing trusted partners such as Hera and esteemed builders like BCG Construction,” Matteo says. “We look forward to more successful partnerships in the future.”