Incontro Apartments - Hera Engineering
Incontro Apartments - Hera Engineering

Incontro Apartments

Incontro Apartments is another key development in one of the most vibrant districts of Perth.

This incredible set of apartments, a range of modern two and three-bedroom apartments, 32 one-bedroom apartments and four studio apartments, have been launched this Saturday, 9th of October.

Each home offers a variation of textures, materials, form and colour to provide individuality while maintaining a sense of communal identity and pride. The apartments were designed with lifestyle in mind, providing a variety of options for those seeking inner-urban living.

We have been working hand in hand with DKO Architecture and CEDAR WOODS PROPERTIES LIMITED from the very start and we have developed an efficient structural system to meet the clients requirements. We will undertake all structural engineering design and we look forward to commencement of construction in 2022.

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Project Completion: 2023
Number of Basements: 0
Number of Stories: 6
Building Height: 21m
Market: Residential
Service: Structural Engineering

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