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METROPOL - Hera Engineering
METROPOL - Hera Engineering


Metropol is the newest luxury residential project located just moments from the active CBD of Canberra. It presents an inner-city habitat where vertical lines and angled facades deliver a commanding street presence. The elegance of the structure melds into one with the surrounding environment which is represented by the tranquillity of Glebe Park.

The unique development comprehends 110 personalized units and a hanging garden for residents to relax in, and room for commercial properties on the ground floor.

Hera Engineering has been appointed by Geocon to undertake all the structural design for this project. This has been an extremely challenging project due to the large variety of apartments type which made structural vertical continuity very difficult. We have worked very hard with the Geocon architectural team to rationalize the structure and remove transfer levels as much as possible. The final solution included a mix of precast and AFS walls and post tensioned slabs.
For the 3 level basement construction we have designed an innovative precast columns solution that has speed up construction substantially.

The successful delivery of this structure represents another win for our company since it demonstrates our ability to work in multiple fields with a high level of expertise.

This project represents another residential building that expands our presence all over Australia.

Location: Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
Project Completion: 2021
Number of Basements: 3
Number of Stories: 15
Building Height: 45m
Market: Residential
Service: Structural Engineering

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