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Mos Lane is a residential development that proposes the construction of two to six storey buildings containing 83 apartments and townhouses, a supermarket, shops, cafes, a liquor store and a gym at the existing shopping centre off Manning and Wellington Streets.

This $48.8 million plan was unveiled by ADC in order to redevelop the Mosman Heights neighbourhood centre. The concept design, by NH Architecture constitutes a 766sqm expansion of retail floorspace and 2,136 square metres of publicly accessible space on the ground floor and is expected to draw 162 new residents.

Hera Engineering has been appointed to assist NH Architects and ADC to develop a cost effective DA design to achieve an economical structural solution in line with the architectural vision and planning. We look forward to see the project under construction in 2021.

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Project Completion: 2023
Number of Basements: 1
Number of Stories: 5
Building Height: 19m
Market: Residential
Service: Structural Engineering

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