Value Engineering solutions for Suida International, Aston 238 Project

Hera Engineering is continuing to expand its customer portfolio and we are pleased to announce that it was contacted by Suida International Developments, to carry out an initial “peer review” of the 238 Oxford street structural project, in Leederville. The existing scheme had a large quantity of transfer beams, which were increasing construction costs and prolonging the completion timeframe.

The alternative Hera Engineering solution proved to be faster and more economical. When we were contacted, the builder was already on site and was installing the retaining walls of the basement. Our team of experts led by Matteo Tirapelle came up with modified plan in record time, obtaining exceptional results, such as complete removal of the project’s transfer beams and a consequent reduction of the basement level by about 1m.

This was a surprising result because the basement is located under the “watertable “, causing the hydrostatic pressure to govern the design, by raising the base we considerably reduced both costs and program.