City of Greater Geelong: a great example of sustainable construction

City of Greater Geelong Office building is a project characterized by mass timber construction. Hera Engineering have been appointed by BESIX Watpac to perform a full peer review of the structural engineering design. Collaboration with structural engineer 4D Workshop and XLam has resulted in improvements to the design due to our broad knowledge and extensive experience with Mass Timber design across Australia and internationally.

According to XLam, the project incorporating circa 1,000m3 of Glue Laminated Timber (GLT) Post & Beam Structure and 1,790m3 of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) Mid Floors. The Mass Timber being incorporated will sequester circa 1,100t of CO2 and the Plantation Forestry required for the manufacture will take circa 3.5 hours to re-grow. 

This a great government initiative to promote a more sustainable way to construct our cities and to innovate the construction industry. 

We want to see more government initiatives like this one.