Green Harbour: the first Mass Timber framed development In WA

Green Harbour will be the first Mass Timber framed office development in Western Australia. Timber is one of the most sustainable materials available and it’s also been shown to boost productivity and mood. Research has indicated indeed that satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace are improved with the inclusion of wood and other natural materials.

Construction of this innovative building will commence in July 2021. The project has been awarded the 5 stars NABERS commitment energy rating and will be Fremantle’s greenest office space.

This is the result of the incredible vision by Yolk Property Group in partnership with Harris Jenkins Architects.

Hera Engineering have been working on the project since the very beginning and we have been an integral part of the engineering/architectural solution for the building since we have extensive experience with Mass Timber projects. Moreover, our Managing Director – Matteo Tirapelle – is an industry leader in the field and he keeps driving innovation with Timber construction. 

We look forward to commencement of construction.