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Dan Murphy Bicton - Hera Engineering

Dan Murphy Bicton

This new store is the refurbishment of an old brick warehouse built approximately 40 years ago. During the early stages of the demolition works it was soon recognised by the contractor that the original structural design undertaken by an interstate structural consultant had not considered many critical aspects of the existing building.

Hera Engineering was appointed by the contractor to provide structural services specific to the construction phase of the project. As part of our services, we provided temporary shoring design, demolition sequencing and alternative connections between the new structure and existing.
Hera Engineering worked with a specialist Material Engineer to carry out durability tests of the existing masonry walls. The results of these tests, together with finite-element computer modelling were used to assess the strength of the existing wall to resist the wind load during temporary construction.

Location: Perth, Western Australia
Project Completion: 2015
Number of Stories: 1
Building Height: 10m
Market: Commercial
Service: Value Engineering, Construction Engineering, Structural Engineering

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